Z-work, house work, work-work

…has been keeping me busy this summer. Here is a picture of the suspension swap between the two Zs, which is now completed:

G-car progress

I’ve been doing some work on the G-car in my spare time, although I have to be careful because the only other running (backup) vehicle I have is the Comanche. Recent events include cleaning and rebuilding the hydraulic lifters, installing an oil pressure gauge, and some electrical work, along with tracking down and eliminating rattles.

Here is the Geo in pre-dawn form yesterday, while I was tightening up the shifter and adjusting the exhaust before class:

Transition from Facebook complete

I have completed transferring all of my pictures from Facebook to here. I had some higher-resolution images on my computer, which I used for the galleries hosted here, but a few of the galleries are stuck with Facebook’s low-resolution copies.

Sometime I will probably turn the Project page into something.

Photo progress

Several galleries, including the largest, moved from Facebook to the site. Hopefully I will be able to finish the rest of the galleries this weekend.

Additional post

2nd post, also with image