Bose Knows

The OEM ‘Premium’ Bose stereo had some common issues, like whine and popping in the rear speakers caused by the amplifiers failing. I replaced all the electrolytic capacitors, and the system is now functional. Next I’ll be adding a 1/8″ stereo input via the OEM CD changer connection, and may attempt to integrate a subwoofer with some crossover trickery.

I also replaced the starter (no more grind), replaced all engine vacuum lines, fixed the hatch release, hatch lock cylinder, among other things. Once the current minor repair list is complete, paint and wheels are next, maybe some tint as well. I may need to take apart the top of the engine to replace valve cover seals, but all the seals recently replaced on the lower-half of the engine are clean and tight.

The Eagle has landed

Blue Z32 overhaul

I mostly just post these to cycle the front page. Getting the blue Z back into shape; drop front crossmember / hoist engine to remove and replace oil pan gaskets and seals, install new engine mounts, other misc seals down there. Replace input shaft bearing in transmission, clutch parts, rear main seal. Replace battery, tire, install intake system from gold Z. 60k maintenance (timing belt, water pump, auto tensioner, cam / crank seals, drive belts) plus PCV valves. Driveshaft center carrier bearing. In between summer class sessions, so this is happening on a compressed timeline.

Website progress

I spent some time today cleaning up code behind the scenes, converting the old production statistics page to HTML and the new formatting, and converting all my Z31 pages into the new site format, which can be seen on the Projects page. In the process, I came across some ‘classic’ Z31 pictures.

Sold the gold

Now I can concentrate on fixing up the G-car and the blue Z.

Last picture of the gold Z: