Headliner replacement

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The headliner was partially torn off when I brought the car home, and what was left was held up by the sun visors and the light bracket.


You’ll need to remove the entire headliner piece. AZ-ZBum has a thorough write-up covering everything you need to remove to properly take out the headliner. I probably did half of that and managed to remove it in one piece, but I’d recommend the proper procedure.


You’ll need to buy spray adhesive and new headliner material. It might feel a little funny walking into a place like Jo-Ann Fabrics, but your manliness should remain intact. Remember, if anyone asks, or even gives you a look, let them know that you’re here for your car. It doesn’t get much more manly than that.


Get the strongest spray adhesive you can find, because it will need to sustain temperatures easily above 100ยบ in the summer. Also make sure that you measure the proper amount of fabric needed beforehand. I ended up buying nice-feeling but expensive black velvet and had to go back because I gave them the wrong measurements the first time.


Now you’ll need to use scissors or an X-acto knife to trim the material around the edges and the center map lights and door light holes. You’ll want to leave a little extra so that you can wrap it around the sides, but not too much that it will get in your way later.


The next step is probably one of the most important. I used a regular stapler, and stapled all along the edge of the headliner. This serves two purposes; it keeps the material taut against the headliner, and it also provides extra support, taking some of the weight off the adhesive. I let it dry overnight, and then installed it in the car the next day. At the same time, I painted the overhead light black, because it had yellowed and stuck out against the clean headliner. I also recovered the T-tops using excess material from the headliner. The T-tops follow a similar process to the headliner, and they are also easier to remove.

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