Initial pictures

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These are a handful of pictures when I first purchased my Z in April ’04. At this point I didn’t really know anything about cars, so I just tried to find everything that looked broken.

These pictures are of the hatch area with the carpet removed. There was a pretty serious rust issue underneath the tool kit foam, which I later found out is a typical leak-casualty area. There was a yellow wire running from the stock receiver area to the front of the car, along with some other wiring that didn’t seem to have a connection.

The outside of the car was not in perfect shape either. The rear-left quarter panel was smashed and rusted severely, and there were a handful of other areas on the car where the paint was bubbling, hinting at the rust underneath. The paint on the chrome trim was also peeling and worn.

The passenger side headlight and fog light were completely waterlogged and rusted. Among the suspicious parts in the engine bay, the crack along the seal for the air filter to the resonator stuck out. Inside, the cover was partially torn off the steering wheel.


The clear box underneath the dash on the driver’s side turned out to be the brain of an old Viper alarm system. The center picture shows most of the garbage I took from the car when it first came home. Plane tickets, a hunting license from 1994, and other strange mementos from different cities and townships in the area showed that this Z had gotten around quite a bit. There was also a pair of Audiovox 6x9s (blown) sitting in the stock rear speaker holes.

I didn’t even know that you could purchase new wipers and blades inexpensively, so I ended up sanding and repainting the peeling wiper blades on the front. It took an hour and lasted nicely for about a year or so, but the finish has started to wear off a bit, so I’ll probably be purchasing new wipers along with blades in the near future.

I used a razor blade to remove the peeling paint from the rear trim, and the chrome underneath was actually in decent shape. All four wheels are the 86 NA style, arguably the ugliest stock 300ZX wheel. The rear left wheel was also missing the center cap. Both rear reflectors had a significant amount of rust underneath, and the clip mechanisms sat loosely in the holes because the rust had eaten away at them. The dash was in near flawless condition except for a lip that had formed above the center vent.

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