1989 Nissan 300ZX

My first car was a 1989 Nissan 300ZX that I bought at a police auction in 2004. I did some work on it before it gave up the ghost, and made the following pages for the 300ZX online community:

Initial pictures – Some problems I noticed when I first brought the Z home
Carpet cleaning – Using Oxi Magic and a steam cleaner on the carpets
Taillight leaks – Fixing rear leak damage and sealing the taillights to prevent further damage
Headliner replacement – Replacing the headliner with new material
Air regulator – Non-working air regulator caused bad idle when cold
Brake overhaul – Went from noisy, poor braking to solid braking action, with inexpensive replacements


I received a lot of help from the fellow members at 300ZXClub.com. Here is the thread I made when I started the car, and it details some of the work and troubleshooting I did.

Here are a few pictures of the car that I took the day after purchase:

Here’s the last time I saw my Z, picture taken with the cell phone:

The Z’s engine now, pictures at Dan’s Photobucket page.

It had a good run.